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Getting Rid of Head Lice

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Karina talks to lice expert and founder of "Lousey Nitpickers,"
Evan Parker, to get answers to the most FAQs about head lice.

QUESTIONS ANSWERED IN VIDEO                                                                                
What is head lice?
Who can get head lice?
How does head lice spread?
If my child has lice, will my whole family get it?
How do I get rid of lice?
Are there any natural options for removing lice, that work?
What is the difference between organic and toxic lice-removal products?
Are lice-removal products pesticides?
How long will an infestation last?
Can I do anything to prevent lice?
How can I rid my home of lice?
What should I do with stuffed animals, linens, etc.?
Can my dog or cat carry lice?
Should I cut my child's hair of he/she gets lice?
When can my child go back to school?

Evan Parker and Frank Campos started Lousey NItpickers to provide safe,
non-toxic, effective removal of head lice and their eggs, in the privacy of

your home. To read more about their services, visit